FAQ's as a renter

How do I rent on Nivel?

Search the Nivel website for what you like. All lenders and items on our site are internally checked and verified. Once you have added your item(s) to the basket, you can send the request to rent these items. Please allow sufficient time to allow the lender to fulfil the rental.

Can I ask the lender any questions? 

All lenders are available to contact via email. You are encouraged to contact the lender if you have any queries regarding sizing, delivery and cleanliness.

Am I responsible for return Delivery? 

We encourage our lenders to include a prepaid and pre-addressed Return Label to make your return as easy as possible. If this is not included, it will be your responsibility to safely and securely deliver the item back to the lender.

How long can I rent an item for? 

You can rent each item for 4 days, 7 days or 10 days.

What if I damage or lose an item?

We ask Nivel users to treat items like they are their own. In the rare case an item is damaged or lost, please contact us as soon as possible so we can contact Lenders. You may be liable to pay the full retail price of an item. 


FAQ's as a Lender

How do I start Lending out my Wardrobe?

Head to our 'Become a renter' page and get in touch with our team. You will be asked to complete a short Lenders form to verify your details. Upon completion, Nivel will list your items on the website. Remember, to provide as much information as you can and upload high-quality pictures only. This will boost your chances of a Rental. 

What type of Items can I List? 

We want to encourage people to list any and as many clothes people would like, However, to ensure renters can get the best items we have set some guidelines for Lenders to follow. 

  • The retail value of the item is above £60 and below £1,500 for items of clothing and below £500 for bags;

  • The item is in good condition;

  • The item is not irreplaceable or one-of-a-kind.

Please note the following:

Lenders should consider the wear and tear of items. Some items of clothing may be more susceptible to wear and tear so we encourage you to avoid renting out such items. 

Is renting my wardrobe safe? What if my item gets damaged?

Nivel is a community and upon joining, all users are expected to respect each others items as it is their own. If damages do happen, this will be investigated by Nivel and the Renter may be charged the value of the item.

How is Pricing Set? 

As a Lender, you can set the price of the Rental to what you would like. However, Nivel suggests 10 to 15% of the retail price. 

How much money can I make? 

Lenders on Nivel can earn over £100 a week depending on the rental price set, and the number of items listed. Nivel charges the Lender a 12% commission on the Rental Fee. 

See our full Terms and Conditions here.