Our Story

As two individuals guilty of retail therapy and browsing online sales to pass the time, we started thinking about the way we consume fashion and brainstorming ways to make being fashionable not only pocket-friendly but also more sustainable.

At Nivel, we're changing the way WE consume, moving away from fast fashion towards a less wasteful, more enjoyable shopping experience all without sacrificing style. Renting is the new future of fashion and we are here to tell you why to join our journey. Our goal here at Nivel is to change the fashion industry and how we consume fashion. Renting is just ONE of many options we can consume fashion sustainably but we believe renting could have the biggest impact. We want to give products a longer life and for many individuals to enjoy and experience them. Fast fashion is a huge problem and has increased our consumption of fashion only for the same clothes to be thrown away and not used.

Nivel will not just be a platform, it will be a community for like-minded individuals to come together and create something. We want to give individuals access to each other in sharing their wardrobes whilst making friends along the way. As a lender, your shop will be your pride and joy. We want you to promote, customise and market your shop completely how you want to. Show off your style and personality all whilst making money.

Fashion Model

How does it work?